Reel Rock 8


Big Up Productions


Documentary, Nature, Rock Climbing

Audiomoves TALENT

Autistici - Counting Sleep
M. Ostermeier - His Station [In Life]
M. Ostermeier - Continuity
Marcus Fischer - Cold Days
Ultre - The Smirks
Pascal Savy - Separate
:Papercutz - Redenção
Calika - Quarter Smile

Audiomoves climbs the heights! Eight tracks sourced by Audiomoves feature in the latest ground breaking films from Big Up Productions and Sender Films. Featuring Yuji Harayama, Daniel Woods, Hazel Findlay, Emily Harrington, Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, Melissa Arnot, Adam Ondra, and Chris Sharma. Action, humor, controversy, and inspiration in some of the most breathtaking places on Earth, including the mysterious spires of Borneo, the towering faces of Morocco, and the thin air of Mt. Everest.

Audiomoves worked with the excellent Big Up & Sender Films to source eight tracks setting an audio context to match the breathtaking scenery.