Audiomoves is all about unique sounds...

We work with a network of artists to source niche music giving you an edge!
David Newman

David heads up the Audiomoves publishing house. He is also the curator of Audiobulb Records, an exploratory music label with over ten years of experience. He uses his knowledge of music, psychoacoustics and his connections with cutting edge contemporary artists to ensure the music we source meets your spec.


David also offers a digital distribution service to record labels looking to get content into digital music stores worldwide.

Daimon Beail

Daimon Beail is our Sync Licensing Director whose knowledge of TV, DVD, web-based and film sync/licensing solutions provides unique opportunities to match cutting edge music with contemporary images.


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David & Daimon


The complete library...

We have many tracks and maintain a close relationship with our artists


Behind the scenes Audiomoves has access to a huge exclusive library.

We work closely with artists and can source unique - even bespoke music to meet each project specification.

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