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These showcase the quality of our work, our unique aesthetic and ability to engage emotion. Get in touch to find out more about how we can work together.


Collection 5: Headphone Heaven

A collection of supremely beautiful tracks showcasing delicate textures and psychoacoustic details that play with your head. We invite you to sit within the stereo field and indulge in a fascinating journey through premium ambient sound.


Collection 4: Memory Drawings

Memory Drawings is the beguiling project of Minneapolis raised, Morocco-based hammered dulcimer player Joel Hanson, erstwhile Hood guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and sometime Declining Winter main-man Richard Adams, Brave Timbers violinist Sarah Kemp, Chris Cole of Movietone/Manyfingers (drums and cello) and Gareth S Brown of Hood (piano). They produce music that maps the contours between brooding melancholy and redemptive calm that simultaneously suggests both classical minimalism and hearth-side folk.


Collection 3: Beautiful Forms

Working in the field of ambient and minimal compositions each track explore the balance between electronics and environmental sounds. Modern classical, processed acoustic and electronic sources and field recordings are impeccably brought together.


Collection 2: Heated Light

A collection of ambient and electronic tracks shimmering with rarefied light and energy. The collection is ideal for brand portrayal evoking nature, beauty, purity, wild life, inspiration, creativity, regeneration and renewal.


Collection 1: Development by Design

A collection of intricate electronic tracks interwoven with tiny beats and details. The collection is ideal for brand portrayal evoking design, development, inspiration, creativity, technical advancement and quality.


“Bringing the right sound and visual together creates the context for understanding, meaning and emotion.”

David Newman - Head Curator & Talent Management

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