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Music that stimulates a heightened perception


aM03 | Beautiful forms


Working in the field of ambient and minimal compositions each track explore the balance between electronics and environmental sounds. Modern classical, processed electroacoustic and field recordings are impeccably brought together.


The collection is ideal for visual brands portrayal evoking:


- nature

- space

- beauty

- emotional connection

- peace

- wonderment

- creativity

- intricacy

aM02 | Heated light


A collection of ambient and electronic tracks shimmering with rarefied light and energy.


The collection is ideal for brand portrayal evoking:


- warm space

- nature

- beauty

- purity

- wild life

- inspiration

- creativity

- regeneration

- renewal

aM01 | Development by design


A collection of intricate electronic tracks interwoven with tiny beats and details.


The collection is ideal for brand portrayal evoking:


- leadership in design

- development

- inspiration

- creativity

- precision

- technical advancement

- quality


Monty Adkins



Porya Hatami












Marihiko Hara

Aria Rostami



Aidan Baker

The OO-Ray



Szymon Kaliski


Russ Young



Pascal Savy



Justin Varis



Luis Garcia