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Monty Adkins | Suspended Edges


Monty Adkins is a composer whose music is characterised by slow shifting organic instrumental and concrete soundscapes. His first album ‘five panels’ released in April 2009 on signature/radio France featuring Adkins playing e-guitar and organ and Pierre Alexander Tremblay on bass. The album has also been nominated in the ‘album of the year’ category at the 2010 Qwartz awards, Paris. His recent work has focussed on collaboration. fragile.flicker.fragment also nominated for the 2012 Quartz award in the best album category and Four Shibusa – which resulted in a major exhibition at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese foundation in London.

Memory Drawings | The Nearest Exit


Memory Drawings is the beguiling project of Minneapolis raised, Morocco-based hammered dulcimer player Joel Hanson, erstwhile Hood guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and sometime Declining Winter main-man Richard Adams, Brave Timbers violinist Sarah Kemp, Chris Cole of Movietone/Manyfingers (drums and cello) and Gareth S Brown of Hood (piano).


They produce music that maps the contours between brooding melancholy and redemptive calm that simultaneously suggests both classical minimalism and hearth-side folk. They blend their unique instrumentation into dazzling pieces that have been compared to Angelo Badalamenti’s compositions for ‘The Straight Story’ soundtrack, Laraaji’s early ‘80s use of the hammered dulcimer, the peaceful qualities of neo-classicalists such as Rachel’s and 4AD duo Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil.


They have released three albums ‘Music For Another Loss’ (2011), ‘There Is No Perfect Place’ (2014) and ‘The Nearest Exit’ (2017).



The Hole Punch Generation

The Hole Punch Generation have been together for eight years having formed in Boston, USA. Their music is defined by it's intensity and beauty and has been compared to bands such as Radiohead, M83, Arcade Fire & Sigur Ros. Each track soars and glides across manipulated electronics, shoegaze guitar riffs and the unique outpouring of Balthrop’s unique falsetto vocals. Throughout, the pure emotional rawness of the music shines through.



He Can Jog / Erik Schoster

He Can Jog is computer musician Erik Schoster and friends from Milwaukee Wisconsin. As He Can Jog he has released three full length records and a smattering of EPs, remixes, and sundry recordings on a number of small labels including Nomadic Kids Republic, Listening Party, Audiobulb Records and The Leaf Label. XLR8R calls it music to "please both laptop scientists and kids wanting something pretty to listen to while driving a car."

Porya Hatami

Sanandaj, Iran is home to experimental sound artist Porya Hatami. His ambient music gleams in its environment, natural sound abiding in its natural state – the very essence, the very source, of music.


Hatami’s music is anything but shallow. It is a careful whisper, carried on the breeze as a subtle swoosh of sound. The attention to detail really brings the music to life; it’s accuracy is essential to the music’s health.


Causeyoufair has composed an album of breath-taking beauty, delicacy and grace. His focus on space, reverberation tales and the emotional resonance that occurs between and across each musical notation is exquisite.


The music encourages the listener to become immersed accessing dreams, hidden memories and nostalgia. The quality of this work surely sits right up there alongside William Basinski and Stars of The Lid.


Xumla is the artistry of Ilya Goryachev, who lives in Yaroslavl, Russia. Marked by gentle, almost fragile melodies, broken rhythmic patterns, minimalistic arrangements and characteristic textured layering of musical themes.


Xumla gravitates to the meditation in search of meanings and to the minimalism as a mode of expression. Each work of Xumla is an element of live musical canvas, micro fibres which grow into each other.




Jimmy Behan

Jimmy Behan (b.Carlow 1972) is an Irish musician/composer working with acoustic and electronic sounds, computer processing and field recordings.


He has performed at the Mor festival 2004, The Big Chill festival (UK) in 2002 and 2005, the D.E.A.F. festival 2007, The Electric Picnic festival 2008, Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009 with international acts including Murcof, Four Tet, Lali Puna, Fennesz and Caribou.


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