planters & quiet noise
Quiet Noise - Sky Italia for Planters

Quiet Noise provides a throbbing undercurrent for this sultry advert for Planters cosmetics. Played on Sky Italia, this national placement highlights the high esteem Adam Wilkinson's music is held by leading brand specialists.

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selena & ultre
Ultre - Adidas go NEO

Ultre provides a whimsical backdrop to Selena's NEO collection developed with adidas. The gentle start accelerates into a double tempo intensity matching the colour of the collection. The Selena Gomez Spring 2014 collection is all about attitude, style, and kicking ass!

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Wil Bolton - A Walk on the Moon

Wil Bolton's 'slate' forms the perfect backdropo to Dean Potter's pioneering rock climb. To shoot this short documentary, the photographer and filmmaker Mikey Shaefer set up a camera more than a mile away, juxtaposing the rising full moon with Potter’s walk across a highline at Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park.

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Ultre - Mountain Hardwear

Ultre is the backing for one of the harshest ice climbing locations on the planet, Helmcken Falls in British Columbia, Canada is the ultimate proving ground. Elite climber Tim Emmett worked with the product development team at Mountain Hardwear to create a kit of world class products for any condition.

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Various - Reel Rock 8

Music by eight Audiomoves artists back the latest groundbreaking film from Big Up Productions and Sender Films. Action, humor, controversy, and inspiration in some of the most breathtaking places on Earth, including the mysterious spires of Borneo, the towering faces of Morocco, and the thin air of Mt. Everest.

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